Key User Benefits
- Easily define arc hazards and select appropriate clothing
- Reduce safety clothing costs and ensure workers remain protected
- Comply with safety mandates


ARCPRO™ 3.0 is an easy-to-use software package for the calculation of radiated and convected thermal energy from electric arcs. This highly-effective tool offers proven value  in  helping utilities and  other  industries  select  protective clothing and  meet  workplace  regulations  for  safety apparel and comply with OSHA regulations.


A state-of-the-art program, ARCPRO™ includes a physics based model of electric arcs. The software models high power arcing by taking into account such complex variables as gas properties, arc electrode materials, thermal radiation and convective energy dissipation. ARCPRO™ considers the arc current, arc duration, arc gap, worker’s distance from the arc, and a number of other factors required in the accurate assessment of arc exposure. ARCPRO™ computations have been verified by live arc testing in Kinectrics’ High Current Laboratory.


Kinectrics’ ARCPRO™ has become the industry’s most widely-respected application for computing arc hazards and selecting protective clothing for single arc situations, particularly for medium voltage and high voltage Transmission and Distribution applications that other methods do not address. Originally developed in 1996, ARCPRO™ has undergone several upgrades to address user feature requests and currently enjoys a worldwide user base.


Kinectrics’ existing ARCPRO™ user base includes:

  • Large scale power generation plants
  • Medium and small scale power generation plants
  • Large scale distribution utilities
  • Medium and small scale distribution utilities
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Automotive Industry
  • Research and standards bodies
  • Electrical engineering consultants
  • Distributed grid entities





ARCPRO™ benefits include:

  • Ability to easily define arc hazards and select appropriate protective clothing
  • Accurate definition of clothing performance to meet arc conditions
  • A reduction in safety clothing costs, while ensuring workers remain protected
  • Documentation for modified work practices to remove staff from hazardous areas
  • User-accessible FR (Fire Resistant) clothing databases
  • Compliance with the mandates of safety authorities



ARCPRO™ 3.0 Key Features

  • 1-phase and 3-phase AC arcs analysis
  • DC arc analysis
  • Open-air and enclosed cases
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatibility
  • Technical support by world-class Arc Flash Engineering specialists
  • Ignitable, Fire Retardant and Cloth Performance Databases


ARCPRO™3.0 offers several key technical features to accurately analyze and predict the degree of hazard associated with electrical arcs, including calculation of:

  • Total heat and heat flux reaching clothing
  • Amount of thermal energy radiated by the arc
  • Heat release through convective effects
  • Spatial heat contours
  • Arc parameters, including voltage, current and diameter


Most of the calculations results are provided in numeric and graphic forms on the screen and can be sent to a printer. Batch calculations allow for export of derived values.


ARCPRO™ includes:

  • Electronic User Manual
  • User license and limited warranty
  • 1 Year included free technical support (option for multi-year)


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For more information, contact: [email protected]


Friday, November 24, 2017

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