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ArcPro Licenses

  • BUY ARCPRO 3.0

    • ARCPROTM 3.0 is an easy-to-use software package for the calculation of radiated and convected thermal energy from electric arcs. This highly-effective tool offers proven value in helping utilities and other industries select protective clothing and meet workplace regulations for safety apparel and comply with OSHA regulations.
      ✔ Easily define arc hazards and select appropriate clothing
      ✔ Reduce safety clothing costs and ensure workers remain protected
      ✔ Comply with safety mandates
  • BUY Technical Support Subscription

    • Response within 48hrs Technical support to include use of the product based on the user having arc flash analysis background and limited to the contents of the Arcpro user manual If the user is unfamiliar with how to perform an arc flash study, Kinectrics' arc flash consultants can conduct site visits or a training session as a separate contract based on the number of attendees. Limited to 10 tickets per year - ticket issue to be defined by Kinectrics based on unique issue determination